Domaine De La Velle a Montcléraluieren in Frankrijk

new from 2022
the extraordinary "Bon Apetit" week
because we just eat really good food & especially outside :)

what does this mean?
* welcome cocktail at the campfire & a 4 course dinner
(everything homemade with homemade vegetables and fruit and cooking pure regional products, creating whole, full and real flavors, where possible organic)
*extensive complete brunch
*slow cooking bbq (pulled pork or salmon)
with side dishes buffet
* canoe trip on the Dordogne with an extensive picnic lunch halfway (including wine)
* smoke duck breast (smoke your own duck breast while enjoying a drink and in the evening it will be served in a delicious 3-course dinner)
*pizzas from a centuries-old real bread stone oven
(unlike in high season, you can now try to bake your own pizza, but you don't have to)

what does all this cost?
only € 167 P/P

this price includes everything mentioned above, excluding drinks, excluding overnight stay
it concerns a week from Saturday to Saturday, overnight stays can be booked with us in all kinds of different price categories, for example you can even come with your own tent or overnight stays can also be booked in the area
maximum number of participants = 20

June 16 through June 23, 2024

do you want to book with a closed group, among friends or befriended couples or family? this is possible from 12 people and then the entire domaine is at your disposal

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the discover our beautiful region week
what does this mean?
*welcome cocktail
* specially mapped out walk of 5 to 10 km with beautiful views, past castles, in the middle of nature
includes picnic lunch midway
* play golf on a beautiful domaine in the glowing hills, including snacks and drinks afterwards
* visit of an ancient castle (very imposing)
afterwards a simple picnic lunch on site is included
* visit to a beautiful local market in an ancient fortified town on top of a mountain with the most beautiful view over the dordogne and a walk along the cliffs
(lunch to be consumed on site in one of the many restaurants or on the market, not included in the price)
you also have the opportunity to visit the caves below the town (not included in the price, ticket = €8)
*beautiful campfire under the starry sky (most beautiful in all of Europe) with a fun adult werewolf game including 1 drink
* canoe trip on the Dordogne including an extensive picnic lunch halfway including wine
*2x introduction to yoga
* jeu de boule competition on your own domain including snack and drink

what does all this cost?
ONLY €182 P/P

this price includes everything mentioned above, including all entrance tickets, rental materials.
It concerns a week from Saturday to Saturday. overnight stays can be booked with us in all kinds of different price categories. For example, you can come with your own tent or book an overnight stay somewhere else in the area.
maximum number of participants = 20
extra to book:

every evening nice and simple table d' hotes for € 105 FOR THE WHOLE WEEK
this is a delicious homemade dish prepared with fresh local products
excluding drinks and dessert

mai 12, 2024 to mai 19, 2023

do you want to come with a group of friends or family?
from 12 persons, our entire domaine is privately available to you

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AND.....we have even more ambition....
we also want to organize men's and/or women's weeks.
what does this include?
men's week
* smoke artisanal meat
* lots of bbqing in many different traditional ways including roasting with a 3 leg above the campfire
* get wood from our own forest, then cut some nice wood
* drumming around the campfire to your heartbeat under it
enjoying a beer
*visit of a local beer brewer
*with the men a slightly wilder canoe trip on the Auvergne including picnic lunch
and a whole lot of activities that you can choose from
* discover the power of fire and the sun, wishing ritual
all this including good food every evening
for only €165
SUPER FUN to do with a group of friends or to register and make friends
this week we do in the early and late season on request and is already possible for a group from 6  persons
are you a friends or family group with women and men?
then combine it with the women's week
In the evening we always eat together
women's week
* 4x introduction to yoga
* 3x guided meditation
* discover the power of the moon, wishing ritual
* make your own kilo block of natural soap with products from nature
* canoe trip including lunch
* silent walk
* even more beautiful walks
* visit to a local market in a fortified town
*Personal numerology session (Suppl €25)
* personal session with the magic of crystals (Suppl €25)
compile the price yourself according to your own wishes
including all evening meals €195 and everything mentioned above
DATA in the early and late season on request, this is already possible with a group of 6 people, whether or not in combination with the men's week
I wish you a lot of fun!