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For a quiet holiday in the Lot you have come to the right place, but if you want to combine it with some activities, there is plenty to do. Besides walking and cycling from our site it is possible to attend to a workshop, which we organize every week in the high season.


In July and August, you or your children can participate in our various workshops.

Making jewelry

Anne Marie has compiled a collection of beads of glass, metal and stone like Amazonite, Jasper, Agate and many others. Using leather cords, wax cords and transparent elastic cord participants (adults and children) can make a necklace, bracelet or earrings make. For your inspiration, there are several examples available.

sieraden makensieraden makensieraden maken

Felt making:

workshop felt makingYou can make wool-felt by rubbing wool fibers with soap and warm water. This is a technique that has been used for centuries to make clothing and utensils. The nice thing about felt is that it has a "memory". That way you can also make felt around a bowl or a balloon. When the felt is dryed on the form it will stay that way. Furthermore, you can make beautiful jewelry from a piece of felt, but also a bag is very nice. Led by Anne Marie you can make with loose wool and various other materials a felt object or something else you like.detail felt piece

Detail felt workpiece:






Walking with the donkeys:

Walk with the donkeWalk with the donkeWalk with the donkeys

In the high season every week we walk with Bram and Fleur, our donkeys. They are very nice to children and love to be caressed or brushed.

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